In a pivotal move to democratize generative AI adoption across enterprises, Nutanix has joined forces with NVIDIA to streamline the deployment and management of AI/ML workloads. This partnership integrates NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software platform with Nutanix’s edge computing infrastructure, empowering businesses to harness the transformative power of generative AI applications at scale.

The current AI landscape is largely dominated by cloud-based solutions, often leaving behind enterprises that lack the expertise or resources to navigate the complexities of public cloud environments. Recognizing this gap, Nutanix and NVIDIA aim to bridge the AI divide by providing an on-premises solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage generative AI applications seamlessly.

The integration of NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software with Nutanix’s edge infrastructure streamlines the deployment and management of AI/ML models, offering several advantages, including simplified model deployment, enhanced security and governance, and accelerated time-to-value.

To further support this integration, Nutanix has achieved certification for NVIDIA AI Enterprise software 5.0, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance. This certification demonstrates Nutanix’s commitment to providing a robust and reliable platform for enterprise AI deployments.