The first remote tattoo inked by a 5G-powered robot 

“The Impossible Tattoo” is the first tattoo made remotely thanks to 5G technology.  With the aim of promoting T-Mobile’s high-speed connection and with the collaboration of the Anomaly Amsterdam agency, the London tattoo artist Wes Thomas was appointed to create a real tattoo with a remotely controlled robot.  For about six weeks, during the lockdown […]

Super Mario theme park opens at USJ

The very popular Super Mario videogame is going to delight its many worldwide fans because it has finally come to life in Japan. Super Nintendo World is the first theme park, entirely dedicated to the timeless little plumber, where visitors will be catapulted into a real and digital world to live a totally immersive experience.  Initial plans have been changed by the current pandemic which postponed the opening […]

Farewell to Lou Ottens who revolutionized the way people listened to music

In the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s music became something “pocket-sized” and most young people loved listening to their favourite singers and bands thanks to a plastic box, better known as a walkman, to take with them anytime and everywhere.  The Dutch Lou Ottens, the revolutionary inventor of the cassette tape, a few days ago, at the age of 94, said goodbye […]