Former LEGO designer James May recently announced his departure from the Lego Group after five years of working on various themes such as Creator 3-in-1, Friends, Icons, and Ideas. In a recent interview with Brickset, he shared his reasons for leaving behind the iconic brick and his plans for the future.

James May expressed his desire for a career change that would utilize more of his design background and allow him to work in a smaller company. He mentioned that it was a difficult decision to leave Lego Design behind, but he felt it was better to move on to new opportunities early on rather than waiting until he had forgotten everything from university. He emphasized that he still loves making toys, but now focuses on designing educational toys for schools at a UK-based company. He is able to keep Lego as a hobby while pursuing this new path.

In addition to his work with the educational toy company, the designer also launched a YouTube channel where he offers behind-the-scenes insights into the Lego sets he has worked on. He explained that the channel is a side project for now, born out of his interest in social media which he developed during his time at the iconic Group. James May said that he had wanted to create content for a while and now that he has left the company, he can finally pursue this passion.

With his YouTube channel, the designer aims to document his journey through Lego Design and create engaging content for his viewers. He emphasized that the project is not solely about achieving success, but rather a way to share his experiences and connect with like-minded individuals in the Lego community. His top tip for aspiring Lego designers is to focus on teamwork, as collaboration with colleagues from various design fields is crucial in LEGO Design.

James May decision to leave the LEGO Group and embark on new ventures showcases his commitment to personal growth and creative exploration. By pursuing opportunities that align with his design background and passion for toys, he continues to thrive in the world of creativity and innovation. Through his YouTube channel and work with educational toys, he is able to leave a lasting impact on the industry while staying connected to his love for Lego.